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Our Health and Wellness Consultant

Fred W. Lowry Jr. R.Ph. is a clinical pharmacist and a Doctor of Natural Medicine and is trained in providing consultations that lead to healthier lifestyles. He has consulted with hundreds of people who have all types of health related issues.

Fred is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is the owner of Lowry Drug. He has had over 20 years of experience in the pharmacy based wellness business and is a pioneer in the field of natural health and hormone replacement.


We offer consultations to individuals who are interested in developing a healthier lifestyle in general or who have particular issues they want to address such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Hormones
  • PMS
  • Menopause
  • Andropause
  • Food allergies

What is bothering you?

Whether you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Heart Disease, or have never been sick a day in your life, your body is telling you something. Are you concerned about the message it is sending?

The symptoms you have tell a story. From the ridges in your fingernails to a sudden unexplained loss of weight, all symptoms are an expression of how your body deals with life. Analyzing all symptoms, even the ones that may not bother you enough to seem to matter, will allow your counselor to have an understanding of how your system works.

When your counselor has this information, you can deal not only with your current health complaints, but also address the underlying cause. This is vitally important if your goal is a healthy life naturally.

Healthy as a horse?

"I've never been sick a day in my life! I'm as healthy as a horse ..."

So you do not need to be concerned about your health, right?

Anyone who assumes that they are healthy because they never come down with a cold should also be concerned about their health. They may actually have a low functioning immune system that is unable to give a proper response. A properly functioning immune system can be expected to succumb to an occasional cold or flu with a fever. It shows that the body is responding to stress by raising the temperature to kill a virus or by causing diarrhea to cleanse the system.

What is going on?

You cannot effectively treat a condition without first understanding the cause. After all, there are a lot of prescription drugs designed to suppress symptoms but they do not bring the body back to a state of health. Once you discontinue the prescription the problem quite often returns or reappears as a variation of the original disease.

What if I already take a number of prescriptions and cannot afford any additional costs for supplements?

Initially you may need additional support to deal with the root cause of the problem but as the body restores itself to health, the need for other medications will be less likely.

The Health and Wellness questionnaire will help pinpoint the core of the problem and you will be on the road to better health.

You can choose to treat the symptoms forever or the cause for a while.

More info?

For more information and a brochure call 704-873-2247 ext 213 or 800-456-8806 ext 213 or email pam@lowrydrug.com.

To schedule a private confidential consultation with Fred Lowry, Jr. R.Ph. call 704-873-2247 ext 204 or 800-456-8806 ext 204 or email fred@lowrydrug.com.

You will be asked to sign an informed consent prior to receiving consultation.

Lowry Drug and Company
750 Hartness Road, Statesville NC 28677
704- 873-2247
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